MetroZip Green services offers a shared mobility solution, exclusively designed for member companies of HIA. This new age solution strives to make your daily commute pleasurable. It offers first in class features like GPS tracking, WiFi in the bus and much more. Watch the MetroZip Green Experience, NOW.

Pleasure of Commuting with features you always wished for

GPS Tracker

Always be on time for your ride with real-time tracking


Charging points,Seat belts and more...

More legroom

Sit back, relax and leave the rest to us

Eco Friendly Buses

Energy efficient, BS IV compliant vehicles

Flexible payment

Pay using electronic payment options

How it works

Routes and Packages


Ticket Type One way Price Return Price
Long Medium Short Very Short Long Medium Short Very Short
Quarterly Pass 4759 3759 3359 1259 6849 5349 4749 2509
Monthly Pass 1649 1279 1129 429 2299 1799 1599 849
15 Day Pass 859 669 569 219 1649 1279 1129 429
Weekly Pass 459 349 289 109 859 669 569 219
One Day Pass 95 75 65 25 180 145 130 50

*Please register or call our helpdesk at 18002664736 to know more about current offers.

List of Routes




What is MetroZip Green?

MetroZip Green is a new commuting bus service exclusively for employees of HIA member companies. This new service provides you a convenient travel from your residence in Pune to your workplace in Hinjawadi and back home. It is a joint initiative by HIA-MIDC-RTO Pune, provided by Mahindra Logistics Ltd.

What is new and unique about MetroZip Green?

MetroZip Green service uses the top end of Eichers product portfolio, SkyLine Pro to ensure safety and comfort. Being committed to reaching you on time at your destinations, Metrozip Green provides unique features such as
  • GPS Tracker - Always be on time for your ride with real-time tracking
  • Comfort - Spacious interiors, Charging points, seat belts.

What is Green about it?

MetroZip Green is committed to being environment friendly by using fuel efficient BS IV compliant vehicles and also over a period of time a percentage of the buses will run on alternative fuels. In addition, we are committed to the cause of greener planet through tree plantation drives.

User Management

Who can use MetroZip Green Services?

The MetroZip Green service is exclusive for the employees of only the HIA Member companies in Hinjawadi area. Any employee of the HIA member company can avail the service.

How do I register for MetroZip Green?

Please visit www.metrozipgreen.com or download the MetroZip green app on your phone to register. The system will send an OTP to office e-mail ID for verification, post which the registration will be complete.

What if I change my office?

If you happen to change your office, you will have to contact our customer helpdesk to make necessary changes in the system.

Rescheduling & Cancellation

Can I reschedule my ride?

Yes, you can reschedule your ride 1 hr 30 min before the departure time. Please logon to the MetroZip Green App and select the reschedule option. If there is availability on the bus you can reschedule your ride for free.

Can I do a bulk reschedule?

This feature is currently not supported.

Can I cancel my ride?

You can reschedule the trip for the day or time period selected subject to availability of seats in those trips.

What if I miss the bus?

Any No-show without prior intimation will result in loss of on ride. E.g if you are eligible for 44 rides in a month, then 1 ride will be deducted on account of no-show.

Can I make an exception and board / de-board at a stop other than my regular stop?

Yes, you can change the boarding / de-boarding point. The process is same as rescheduling your ride. This change can be made 1 hr 30 min before the scheduled departure time and is subject to seat availability.

Can I take a friend or a family member along with me?

As per policy, only registered users with valid pass are allowed to travel on the MetroZip Green bus. Only children below 3 years of age are allowed to ride with their parents.

What are the typical bus timings?

The bus timings are planned to cover all the major shift times for the day shifts of the companies in Hinjawadi area.

When is the earliest bus to Hinjawadi?

The buses start as early as 6:25 AM for the long routes, 7:05 AM for the medium routes and 7:30 AM for the short routes. For detailed timings of your route please visit the Routes & Packages section.

When is the last bus from Hinjawadi?

The buses are planned for drop from 5:30 PM till 8:30 PM. For detailed timings of your route please visit the Routes & Packages section.

Routes and Packages

What type of passes are available for MetroZip Green?

MetroZip Green provides various types of pass as per your needs. You can avail Monthly pass and Quarterly pass. These passes can be purchased on the MetroZip Green App or on the MetroZip Green website.

What are the routes available for me?

The MetroZip Green routes have been meticulously planned to ensure connectivity of entire Pune city with Hinjawadi area. The routes are divided into three types Long route, Medium route and Short route. You can search for the relevant routes on the MetroZip Green App or on the MetroZip Green website.

How do I select my route and pass?

Please logon to www.metrozipgreen.com and click on the Book tab from the menu on the left hand side of the screen.
  1. Please select the Start and Destination as per your convenience. For example, Warje area has two stops viz. Warje Flyover and Warje Popular Nagar.Please choose the bus stop as per your convenience
  2. Choose the time of pick-up from the available options for your chosen bus stop. The ETA shows your approximate time of arrival at your destination
  3. Similarly, for your return trip, select the time of boarding. The ETA shows your approximate time of arrival at your destination
  4. Select the type of pass (Monthly / Quarterly) and dates from which you want to start the travel
  5. If seats are available, you will be shown the price for the type of pass selected
  6. Proceed to the next step for booking the pass

How do I purchase pass for MetroZip Green?

You can select a pass of your choice on the MetroZip Green App as well as on the MetroZip Green website. You can only purchase the tickets if seats are available during the tenure of the pass. If not you will be prompted to book alternative trips if available.

How do I make payment for the pass?

The payment process for pass is online and you can make payment via Credit Card, Debit Card or Netbanking. After payment the invoice will be sent to your registered email ID.

How do I know validity of my pass?

First log on to the MetroZip Green App or MetroZip Green website. In the profile section you will be able to see the current status of the pass with validity period and expiry date. You will also receive a notification well in advance before your pass expires to help you renew the pass.

Will I get a refund for the unused amount?

Once the amount is paid, it is non-refundable.

How do I renew my pass?

You can log on to the MetroZip Green App or MetroZip Green website and select renew pass option. All the details will be pre-populated, you can change any detail if you wish and purchase the pass by making the payment.

What if the bus is full and I dont get a seat?

Once you purchase a pass, a seat will be reserved for you on the bus for that particular ride. For example, if you choose to board the bus at Kothrud stop at 8:00 AM a seat will be reserved on that bus. As per policy standing travel is not allowed on the MetroZip Green bus.

Tracking and Commuting

How do I know my bus number?

A unique route number will be displayed on the bus that will be notified to you in advance.

How do I know the ETA of my bus at the bus-stop?

Logon to the MetroZip Green App to track your bus on the map. The map will also provide ETA details based on the current location of the bus.

How do I know my ETA at the destination?

Logon to the MetroZip Green App to track your bus on the map. The map will also provide ETA details based on the current location of the bus.

How do you validate the people entering the bus?

While boarding the bus, passengers need to use the MetroZip Green App on their phone or a printed version of the barcode to scan for entry. Passengers with valid pass will be allowed entry in the bus.

What if the bar-code on my mobile is not working?

In case the scanner on the bus is not able to read the bar-code, the passenger needs to show it to the driver of the bus who will authenticate the passenger on his device. Also, if the phone does not support the MetroZip Green App, then you can carry a printed copy of the barcode which can be scanned for entry.

What if I dont scan the bar-code while de-boarding the bus?

In such case, the system wont be able to track your movement which will be a breach of safety. Also, the system will calculate fare till last point on the route.

What if the pass validity is expired or I have exhausted the number of trips?

In such a case, you can either renew your pass or purchase a one day pass in the MetrozipGreen website or App subject to seat availability.

Is the MetroZip Green service available on weekends?

No, the bus service is not available on weekends. Any changes will be updated on the website.


List of holidays

  Date   Day   Festival
  26-Jan-2017   Thursday   Republic Day
  1-May-2017   Monday   Maharshtra / Labour Day
  26-Jun-2017   Monday   Ramzan Id
  15-Aug-2017   Tuesday   Independence Day
  25-Aug-2017   Friday   Ganesh Chaturthi
  2-Oct-2017   Monday   Gandhi Jayanti
  19-Oct-2017   Thursday   Diwali (Laxmi Pujan)
  25-Dec-2017   Monday   Christmas


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